Pricing & Plans

There are two tiered pricing plans for LiveWhale Calendar, corresponding to the size of your school or installation.

LiveWhale Calendar

Full-featured, scalable enterprise calendaring for colleges and universities

  • Unlimited groups, users, and calendars
  • Theming to match your site
  • Includes basic calendar implementation services
  • Unlimited online tech support
  • Free upgrades
  • Access to application source code
  • Invite to private developer forum and occasional webinars
  • Host yourself or in a managed cloud server with SLA and guaranteed 99.9% uptime

$8K per year, billed annually

Calendar One

Powerful, personalized calendaring for small organizations

  • One group and up to 20 users*
  • DIY theming with clear, helpful instructions
  • Consulting help from LiveWhale team during setup
  • Free upgrades
  • Access to support documentation
  • Hosted on LiveWhale cloud servers

* Add-on pricing for additional users is available.

$2K per year billed annually
$200 per month for online billing

What everyone gets

The following features (and a lot more) are included with all plans:

  • Public web form allowing event submissions from calendar users
  • RSVP system and integration with Stripe for online payments
  • Free software upgrades on a regular basis
  • Rapid response to bug reports and performance issues
  • Clear, thorough product documentation
  • Integration with single sign-on (SSO) systems
  • Event widgets compatible with any CMS or web server
  • API and direct access to calendar data in all formats

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