LiveWhale Calendar Demo

There are lots of ways to test drive LiveWhale Calendar.

You can visit some of our customers’ calendars, to see what a real implementation looks and feels like. You can click through our demo installation (which is populated mostly with motorcycling-related events, because dummy “academic content” always winds up being cheesy).

Or you can contact us and we’ll arrange a demo and set up a dedicated sandbox for you to explore.

Some great LiveWhale Calendar examples on the Web

  • Texas A&M 

    The newly launched Texas A&M event calendar is perhaps the largest LWC user community yet; the TAMU calendar incorporates events from over 250 groups, all of whom manage their own calendars and submit noteworthy events to the main TAMU campus calendar.

  • College of the Atlantic 

    COA’s site, designed by White Whale, just won a 2016 CASE Advance Gold Award as the best .edu website in the country. The judges mentioned the calendar as one of the reasons they won the award! The calendar feed on the COA homepage shows includes dining hall meals, courses, tides and moon phases, and— of course—campus events. It’s a truly unique calendar (on a unique site, for a unique school.)

  • Santa Clara University 

    Santa Clara has done a beautiful job of integrating LWC with the TerminalFour CMS, and even though they’ve only been live with LWC for less than a year, they have hundreds of calendar editors across campus.


The LWC demo site 

This is the site we use for quick online demos. We’d love to give you a tour, but if you’d like to sneak in there and click around on your own, go for it! You can also try out some embeddable widgets and data feeds from the demo site, over there ——>.


Contact us for a proper demonstration

There’s only so much you can see on a self-guided tour. We’d love to walk you through LiveWhale Calendar’s capabilities, show you some examples of higher ed calendar implementations, and learn more about you and your specific needs. Just contact us and we’ll set up a time.


“Yes, but what about data?”

Would you like to test out the possibilities for integrating data from LiveWhale Calendar into your site? Easy! 

Embeddable widget

Here’s a default events widget from our demo site. Drop this HTML/JS code into any web page and you should see a list of upcoming events (mostly about motorcycles).

<div class="lwcw" data-options="id=1&format=html"></div> <script type="text/javascript" id="lw_lwcw" src=""></script>

Live event data

Here are some links to bulk live data feeds from our demo site:

If you try out some of these feeds for test integration projects, we’d love to hear how it went (even if you don’t wind up choosing LWC).

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